FilterCloud keeps Spam, Viruses and Phishing emails out of your mailbox

100+ Checks & Algorithms

We use a bespoke, dynamic combination of trusted protocols to constantly monitor and filter your mail.

Take Control

Want to make changes? One click can block or allow your senders by email or domain. Tired of endless newsletters? Just enter their domain and block permanently.

You're the Boss

You'll quickly build a unique list of filters and preferences, with a wealth of reporting and diagnostic tools at your fingertips.

Filter email before it reaches your mailbox

As the name suggests, FilterCloud analyses and captures your mail in the Cloud, before it gets to your mail server or email client. FilterCloud is fully scalable, whether you have ten mailboxes or ten thousand, and you can set a full hierarchy of user access, from Administrator, to Analyst to Read-Only.

  • Minimum 20% Off list price
  • Easy, Hassle Free Setup and Onboarding
  • No setup, admin or monthly fees: pure profit on whatever you sell
  • Sliding Scales and bespoke plans for high volume partners

Simple Discount rates earn profit for your business from Day One:

Example pricing: 200 Users returns clear Reseller profit £1356 p/a

FilterCloud is perfect for ISPs, Support Companies and anyone in the IT sector looking to provide value-add services to their clients.

Start protecting your company email now

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